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About this Website

This website is a reflection of Jibran Bashir’s passion for reaching out to masses and offer something for Everyone’s Success. He wants everyone to ponder over one question – what do they want from their lives? After sorting out, set clear goals and work towards achieving those goals instead of thinking that they can’t achieve BIG! To assist you through your journey towards your life goals and development, he has launched this website that will cater your multiple needs.

Today’s Inspiration

On the home page you will get to watch Jibran’s videos that are full of inspiration and motivation. The videos are in Urdu because he wants to reach out to all and not miss anyone out because of language barrier. There will be a lesson and learning through this video for everyone.

Jibran’s Must Read Blogs

 Jibran’s blogs will become a thought provoking source of knowledge for you to see different aspects of life from a new angle. His blogs serve a purpose to answer your routinely life and profession related issues. The areas he will be addressing in his blogs are vision; Goals; Leadership; Career; Entrepreneurship; Parenting; Health, Human Development Index and other very useful interesting topics.

Contributor’s Blogs

Apart from Jibran Bashir’s Blogs, you can also read different point of views on above mentioned topics in this section by contributor bloggers.

 After reading Jibran’s and contributor bloggers’ blogs will yourself notice a sudden uplift in your knowledge on important issues we all face now days. 

Job Portal

Being part of Human Resources arena for past many years Jibran has identified that need for more channels where people can look up latest job openings. 

If you are a fresh graduate or are in search of a better job opportunity, you can apply on the desired jobs in your field. All you have to do is to create an account on the job portal of and upload your CV.

Simultaneously, if you are an employer you can post jobs on the website’s Job Portal. This service is free of cost to facilitate employers in finding the best talent to work for their organizations.

News & Knowledge

We all assume and relate the word ‘News’ to be a terrible happening. Because from past decade the frequency of negative news by the Media outlets has been high regarding corruption, terrorism, Power Outages and street crimes. Here on this website you will read News that will update you regarding the positive happenings around the world based on facts and researches. Such kind of News and Knowledge will not only keep you informed but also transform your life as you can apply the read articles to your day to day life. 

Best Courses

Jibran’s aim is to lead everyone to become a constructive and contributing member of their society. So for masses he decided to add this section where different Skill Developing and Training institutes, companies or trainers will be uploading their Training Courses. You will be able to get information on many training courses of different categories.

Live & In Person 

Jibran Bashir is a Life Plan Coach, an Executive Coach, Corporate Trainer and a Motivational Speaker. Different organizations and entrepreneurs engage him for these four Live & In Person services;

• Life Plan Coaching

• Executive Coaching

• Leadership Development Programme

• Power Talks

For further details of this service you can go to the section Live & in Person or from the links to each on Home Page.