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Do More of What Makes You Happy!

× July 28, 2018


Photographythis is what I love doing!

I did not know that one day I will start loving taking pictures so much that I will get into its technicalities and discuss it with you all. Alhough I’am not a big photographer, but here I want to share a few things with beginner photographers and as well want to reflect upon all that if you love doing something then just do it, your passion should be the anough resource to keep you going rather you keep waiting that one day you will get all necessary stuff required to pursue your passion.

One thing I would like to mention here is that, if you love photography and it makes you happy then you should keep doing it. Don’t quit this hobby and passion if someone tells you that you don’t have the appropriate equipment or even a basic DSLR camera or basic lens.

I usually like taking pictures of nature for example sunset, birds soaring high in the sky and many more things. I’m just beginner and I mostly use my mobile phone and a basic DSLR camera to take shots. My friend and I also created an Instagram profile with the name: @tandtproduction

Here we not only share pictures taken by us, but also share creative shots of other immature photographers who keep a passion for photography.

According to Dorothea Lange;
 “Photography takes an instant out of time, alternating life by holding it still.”

Photography is an art as well as practice. It is not only a snap out of camera. It is a practice of creating a durable picture. Photography doesn’t mean expensive equipment. Many people said that they wanted to become a photographer, because they didn’t have a high quality camera. What do you think? An expensive camera would make you a photographer. No! I don’t agree with that. Initially as a beginner you might not need one, you can use your phone camera to practice the skill and use its manual settings rather the automatic ones.

If you are thinking that you should get a best picture in a single attempt then my dear freiend you’re wrong. You have to put some effort in it. Photography is a venture business. You have to determine on it.

If you want to choose photography as a career then you have to follow some tips;

a) You have to increase your photography skills, and only through practice you can improve the desired skills.

b) Soft box can also help you  improve your photography. Lightroom is the best thing, that can change your photography life.

c) You should know each and everything about your camera. If you have no idea about your own camera, it means you have no interest in it.

d) You should collect photographic tips from every photographer even from a beginner. These tips help you capture a better image from a new angle because every photographer has his own angle.

I hope the information I shared here helps any one of you who read this blog.

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