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Do You Take Positive Stress or Negative Stress?

× February 13, 2018


Nowadays if one meets anyone they would usually talk about the stress they are getting from personal or professional life. People habitually complain that they don’t know how to get rid of the stress and tensions they are facing in life.

Normally the terms stress and tension are taken very negatively, but it is not necessary that it might always be the case. Sometimes stress could be positive as well. So stress could be either negative or positive.

What is Positive Stress?
Positive stress brings a sense of responsibility within a person to do something in life.

For example, a person has his or her exams coming up or someone has to meet a deadline of an official assignment, the pressure, stress and tension he or she is taking in order to finish the tasks is deriving them to focus on their work in order to achieve the target of finish preparing for the exam or for completing that official assignment. Now the person here is not wasting the time by overthinking about the tasks, they are putting their thoughts into work and getting result out of it. Such kind of stress is said to be positive stress. One more thing here I would like to clear, these are the things that are under your control and you have enough time to fix things on time or finish any task on time, so stress and tension for such things is positive.

What is Negative Stress?
Now the question is what is negative stress? Here I would like to explain it with the help of a common example, a person buys a brand new car from a showroom and now is driving it away towards his home, but on his way back home another vehicle hits the car and now his new car is dented. Now if he chooses to fight the driver of the vehicle that hit your car will not fix the damage, because the damage is done. Now the stress and tension taken will be negative. Now there is no use crying over spilt milk.

So my suggestion to you all is do take stress for those things that are still under your control and that stress creates a sense of responsibility in you to do something for it. So taking so much stress for something that is no more under your control and it is now harming your health, then avoid such negative stress. The technique of stress management is to take only positive stress and omit any negative stress from your life.

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