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Election 2018 in Pakistan

Election 2018 in Pakistan

× July 23, 2018


Election 2018, a very sensational event is going to take place in Pakistan on July 25th. Multiple political parties and a plenty of independent candidates are contesting the election promising to resolve the public matters.

If a party claims to provide load shedding free electricity, the others claim to provide corruption free system. Some speak for standard education and some talk about health issues and water crises. Independent candidates, on the other hand make biggest promises like making roads, lessen the dearth and many more. Some parties prefer to implement Islamic Shariah in the country so they claim to enforce Islamic Shariah in Pakistan.

One thing that is common in all the contestants is criticizing one another and admiring themselves even for works they did not do or finished with full transparency. Here the question is to whom the people of Pakistan should vote for as the poor public who wants to get its fundamental rights has already been ensnared by the politicians.

Here the answer is to take a glance in history. What was the foundation of Pakistan??? What was the purpose Pakistan made for??? We’ll find the two-nations theory in reply. Main two nations were living in the sub-continent i.e. Muslims and Hindus. So Mr. Muhammad Ali Jinnah claimed and Allama Muhammad Iqbal dreamed of Pakistan on the basis of religion as the Muslims are separate as regards their religion, culture, meals, weddings and many more. According to Mr. Jinnah Pakistan would be a powerful fort of Islam where Muslims would be at liberty to profess and practice their religion. Hence the partition was actually made on the basis of two nations theory.

Dear all, it is clear if Islamic laws in their true meaning are implemented in the “ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN” all the claims of all the political parties and politicians will automatically be fulfilled. It is enshrined in Article 2 of the Constitution of Pakistan, 1973 “Islam shall be the state religion of Pakistan”. 

So dear Pakistanis please keep in mind QUAID E AZAM KA PAKISTAN while casting your precious vote.

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