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Four Actions to Sustain a Successful Life

× February 15, 2018


We all want to know how to become successful in life, for its sake we read many books about it. For example, reading biographies of successful people in order to learn how they achieved success in their life, and how they reached to the top level of success. I believe it is a good habit to read such books and about successful people, because the more we keep doing this activity it creates more positivity in ourselves to strive more to reach our goals and succeed in life.

In this blog I’m not going to discuss how one can achieve success, rather how to maintain it after you have achieved it. So the question is from where does success sustainability come? About this I once read it in a book and have also personally observed it among people, and I found the following four things they do;

Continuous Learning
So the first thing successful people do in order to achieve the point of success they are at is; either to maintain the success and don’t go backward from where they came or go up above the level of success they are currently at. For this sake they don’t end their passion of learning new things even when they have achieved big things in life. They don’t consider that point in life to be the final stage instead they keep on working hard for new prospects. They believe in continuous learning and then applying them practically.

Never Stop Improvement
They strongly consider improvements in things they are already doing i.e., the continual improvement (Kaizen concept). This is a very good habit among successful people that they keep looking for improvements in their work.

Taking Care of Physical and Mental Health
Successful people never compromise on their health and as we all know there is a sound mind in a sound body. For example, they take care of their physical health and have proper routine to have their meals. They take out time for their morning walk, workout or gym. Because they know if they have to go for continuous improvement and keep moving ahead to maintain success, then they have to maintain their health as well. On the other hand, some people work hard for success and they neglect a healthy life style, such people face serious health issues which makes it hard to balance it with tough work schedules to keep on attaining more in life.

Serving the Society
Successful people don’t consider their own success as the ultimate success. They prefer to share their success with other people around them, which is very important. I know some of my clients who are very successful in their life and earned a lot from their business ventures, earned name in the business world. Now when I meet them and ask them what they plan ahead in life and what new they want to do, they typically respond to that by telling me plans to build a new farm house or build a new house somewhere in hill stations. Or they again want to travel around the world. To this I normally ask them what purpose it will serve you as this all for your own self and you have already done it. Here I differ with them, as I believe that successful people think that whatever they wanted to achieve in life they already have it so the next thing they want to work on is the society they live in. They carry out such social initiatives that benefits their society and consequently their country.

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