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8 self respect and ego 25 Jun 2018

How can We Differentiate Self-Respect and Ego?

× June 25, 2018


Self-respect and ego are very close to each other; having a very thin line in between them. In this blog, I am going to discuss the difference between self-respect and ego.

Maintaining your confidence and fens in the situations when people treat you unfairly or take you for granted this is what we call self-respect. On the other hand establishing your importance or superiority comparing yourself to others and wanting to prove yourself to be the best falls in the category of ego. We can say that an egoist has superiority complex.

Self-respect and ego both are concerning to self; the way we look at ourselves, the way we give importance to ourselves and the way we expect the same from others.

The both terms self-respect and ego determine much of a person’s behavior and personality.

Self-respect and ego in Psychology
According to psychologists the term ‘ego’ can be referred to as an over attachment to ‘self’. It’s very hard for and egoist to bear criticism. Toleration and ego are against each other. That is the reason why ego becomes an obstacle for personal and professional achievements. An egoist does what he wants to do irrespective of the fact what he should do.
Self-respect however is the value and regard that a person has for himself. Self-respect is the underlying motivation behind all virtues. It is the regard we have for ourselves.

Difference between self-respect and ego
Following are some crucial aspects differentiating ego and self-respect:

Personal Feelings 
Ego is another name of insecurity or self-doubt, on the other hand self-respect is determined by feelings of self-worth and self-confidence. Ego gives you pride while self-respect gives you self-control and worth.

Childhood is the period where roots of a person’s behavior can be found. So reasons of a person’s poor ego control can be found in his childhood. Faults of parents normally result in destructive personality of their children. Ego sometimes is also used as a defensive measure when someone anticipates rejection or insult.

Childhood is the base for creating a person’s personality. Unlike ego, self-respect is the result of good parenting. When parents teach their kids to believe in themselves, they give their children self-confidence rather abusing or bullying.

An egoist person revolves around himself. His pride is his orbit. It finally results in loneliness. On the other hand self-respect is a balance between what a person feels for himself and what others feel for him. A person’s self-respect is his inner strength whereby he values himself and fulfills his duties with mindfulness. An ego centered however, can’t put his feet in others’ shoes.

Effect on self and surroundings

Egoists prefer their ego over anything in the world which eventually results in destruction that may be of their homes or their children’s personality. Egoists rarely admit their mistakes. On the other hand people with self-respect do things mindfully. They prefer others over them when they feel it right, they accept their mistakes easily. In short, people with self-respect have an understanding and mutually rewarding relationship.

Finally it can be concluded that self-respect results in personality development while ego can destroy relationships, hurt others and make a person isolated in his own world.

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