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How Procrastination Affect Your Work Quality?

× February 1, 2018


Usually when one gets an assignment or project from their university teacher, or a school kid gets summer vacation tasks and employees getting tasks with deadlines by their boss; one common behavior is that we tend to delay working on that particular task thinking that we have enough time to finish that task. We get a feeling of relief for making ourselves believe that there is still enough time to do that task and we will be able to finish it on time. So let’s say if the deadline is a month away, most of the people don’t bother to even think about starting the task in the first week. After half of the month is over one starts to think that how they will initiate the work and how to get it done completely. One does not realize but this brainstorming activity will also take few days till the time some actual work has started on the given task.

And if it is a team activity, one of the team members might be getting a bit worried now seeing no actual work has been done yet and others still think they have enough time to work. Such attitude remains till the day when only two or three days are left until the deadline. Now the common behavior is that in rush and stress you start doing no matter if it is being done the right way or not. In order to finish people spend days and nights to make sure the task is done to be submitted on the due date. Now it does not matter to you whether its good quality work or bad. Because if you had focused on the quality of it you would have planned it well how you will do it in a proper manner to produce the best you can.

By doing procrastination the task there are two drawbacks to it;

1. Stress Level Shoots Up
When one works for a big task under a short time, the stress and anxiety level increases and you may go into a panic mode.

2. Poor Work Quality
Now being in a panic situation and in a hurry, whatever task you manage to get done will not be up to the mark or the kind of result your boss will be expecting from you.

So if you want to avoid any inconvenience or tension, and want to present some quality work; so a better approach is to start working on the given task from the day it was assigned to you. It will

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