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How to Abide by Professional Ethics?

× February 10, 2018


I am not going to discuss here any formal definition of professional ethics, but will discuss the ways you can apply the rule/factors that formulate professional ethics on yourself. A large of number of rules are included in professional ethics, some of them are as under:
•    Honesty 
•    Integrity
•    Punctuality 
•    Attitude 
•    Responsibility
•    Accountability
•    Objectivity
•    Confidentiality
•    Respect
•    Obedience of law

The rules as aforesaid are definitely essential rules of professional ethics, but the point is how to implement these factors on you completely??

Discovering Yourself
First thing you have to do is to discover yourself who you are from your inner-self. What kind of potential is hiding in you? Whether the profession you are working in suits your nature or you are feeling boredom while performing your professional activities.
There are some key factors in this regard, if you find such factors in yourself, you may find your potential and the profession you should be in:

Self Contentment 
Whatever your profession is whether medical, engineering, business, architect or any profession try to find passion in yourself for your profession, do you feel yourself satisfied while fulfilling your professional tasks or doing it compelling yourself to perform your duties.

Are You Enjoying Your Work? 
If you are enjoying your professional tasks and you doing the same with full interest, focus and satisfaction then it means you are in your right profession.

Feeling Boredom
If you are getting bored while performing your professional duties, then that is an alert that you have chosen a wrong profession which is not compatible to your working nature.

Money Doesn’t Matter
If you are enjoying working and money doesn’t matter for you too much, it means you are working in the right profession. You can do your work even for small amount of money. Like if you are a teacher and loved to be so, you may continue teaching even for a smaller amount.

Time Doesn’t Matter
If you are working in the right profession, time also doesn’t matter for you anymore. Like you can deliver lectures for more than one hour or in extra hours even without being paid for those extra ones, only if you love to be a teacher.

Self discovering does not necessarily be active from the very beginning. Sometimes you realize it when you have passed half of your age. Sometimes when you realize it you have adopted another profession or are busy in getting another degree. For example, you’re taking law classes, but realize that you can do better in your own business or you have been admitted to engineering classes, but later on you realize that you are made for painting.

So how can you enjoy engineering profession when you are made for painting or how can you enjoy medical field when you are interested to be a trainer or a teacher.
Remember, do what you actually think you are made for and don’t waste your precious time and energy for what you’re not interested in.

Don’t chase money only; unveil your abilities and jump into the practical field with full zest to get your dreams come true. Do justice with yourself and your profession as well.
To conclude, you can honestly abide by the rules of professional ethics only if you’re doing work in the profession you’re made for.


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