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How to Balance Student Life in the Era of Social Media

× March 14, 2018


“Connecting People”; the tagline of Nokia,we all are pretty much familiar with; however, thisline is most suited to the world of Social Media today, which undeniably is the biggest revolution of 21st century.  The world of Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp; where people, especially “the youth” connects and interacts with each other and shares its similar interests.

Social media is a place for adolescents to share their interests in art, music, games and blogs with others. It empowers the radical minded students to bring positive reforms in the society. Children are capable of impacting their communities and even the world in amazing ways.However, social media has some devastating effects as well, which are damaging our society pretty badly. Studies have shown that social media has taken a stronghold over all positive physical activities and we see most of the students captivated by the mobile phones instead of playing grounds. Their Grades and level of contentment has decreased. Social detriments like cyberbullying, depression and anxiety has led to the suicides even.

In the era of social media today, parents and teachers need to learn the art aboutbalancing Students’ lives. But the question is “How”? Strictness andleniency, both can lead to negativity, soparents must give an opportunity to their children to get acquainted with the taste of social media, however, they must keep them under their check. Time to spend on social media must be defined and limited. They must themselves participate in physical activities hence encouraging their children to participate in those games as well. Hence, involving the youth more into the world outside internet can result in balancing their lives, both in reel and real world.

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