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fitness apps for 2018

Three Fitness Apps to Keep You Moving in 2018

× January 31, 2018


Train insane or remain the same is up to you. Fitness is one of the essential things in life. Everybody wants to live a healthy life. I am here to tell you 3 best apps that will help you increase your fitness rate.

3. Runtastic
Basically, it is a health and fitness app with the objective focused towards tracking your workout progress. This app contains GPS for tracking your location and activity. It is known for its accuracy towards the distance elevation and so on. According to a research, this app is 99% of the times to be pinpoint accurate. This app is on number 3 because it is only a running app.



2. 7 Minute Workout
Many people are curious how only 7 minutes can affect your body. After using this app you will definitely get warmed up and all sweat up. This app without any doubt is great for warm-up sessions. But when you’re doing side planks and lunges this app will not tell you when to switch. So, I will keep it at number 2.

7 Minutes

7 Minute Workout

1.    Map My Fitness
This app helps you to know about your health. If you are so much busy in your life and you don’t have enough time for gym and for a doctor than this app is the best replacement for both of them.

map my fitness

Map My Fitness

You can save and store your fitness activity in this app. This app can also able to tell you how to improve your daily life’s activities.

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