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ibtesam faheem parenting and child behavior

What Includes in Upbringing of a Child

× February 3, 2018


After thinking a lot about what includes in upbringing of a child, I realized that before going to that stage parents should get training for better cherishment of their child. It is good initiative from some trainers who started trainings on parenting and delivered lectures thereon.

In upbringing of a child, both the parents have to play an important role to generate a creative and optimistic personality in the form of their child. However, it’s also true that the role a mother can play, a father can’t.

It is observed that sons normally idealize their fathers and daughters their mothers. If parents are social their kids will automatically be.

In our society when fathers go out in the morning to come back at night, kids unconsciously wait for them to welcome, to hug and to kiss them. They wait for this great time to share their full day activities with their beloved fathers.

On the other hand, kids spend entire day with their full time couth i.e. their mother. Yes! ofcourse, in my opinion a mother is a child’s full time trainer. She protects him, cares for what to eat and what to not, what to wear and what to not, where to go and where to not even she is a proper life guard.

A child is an independent personality he observes even smallest activities being conducted at home. Hence to make him creative, positive and ambitious, parents should be best friends of their kids.

Sharing activities with children being their friends, understanding their mental level and resolving their issues will help your child trust you completely. Such parent and child relationship, in future, would be very useful for your adult child when he is going to start his practical life. He can share his victories as well as failures with you confidently and definitely will expect appreciation and encouragement as well. Here you have to play a role of mentor for him.

Contrarily, a child whether young or adult if found dumb or aggressive, that might be due his parents’ demeanor. It’s common that a child will do what he will observe his parents doing. He’ll respect elders when his parents will be doing this.

So, be a psychologist of your kids to prevent them from visiting any external psychologist in future.

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