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Man with a Mission

Jibran is a Man with a Mission; he shared it in his own book “Chief Leadership Officer” in the following way;

Personally for me there are two missions in my life; “to serve organizations, professionals and youth through my consultancies, training programs, media appearances, public speaking and books”. Secondly, on a much broader frame, my life mission is “to improve Pakistan’s Human Development Index (HDI) from 146th to top ten of the world through practical steps”. This journey is going to start from the project of "FREE Education" from schools to universities for all deprived and orphan children all over Pakistan including the smallest villages and under developed areas of Sindh and Baluchistan. Moreover this project will perform social and ethical development of masses through trainings on various levels."

Jibran is the one who believes in developing life missions and also has crafted his personal Mission Statement (as mentioned above). He knows that only living for one’s own self is not the poise of great people as the great ones are those who really do something big and positive for their society or countrymen and leave behind a legacy of contribution. 

In his childhood period, Jibran lost his father and as a result he faced the hardships of life pertaining to basic living and education. But today as a self-made person who has come out stronger after all the divine tests and trials, he hasn’t stop his own journey of success but has moved ahead in linking his own achievements with the success of his fellow countrymen by continuously being engaged in the development initiatives for the humans of Pakistan. He believes that Pakistan can only become a developed nation if we work on the Human Development of Pakistan.