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April 12, 2018


Our brain never rests, whether positive or negative, thoughts come in our minds. Some thoughts go naturally while others stay and influence how your day turns out.

Some of the most common thoughts that can ruin your entire day are listed below.

1. You wish you were in another place
There is a difference between negative thoughts and daydreaming.For example wishing you were somewhere else is the result of un-satisfaction of your present moment.On the other hand daydreaming usually reflects your feeling of happiness that you feel content and joy at your present moment and you feel you’re in a place full of beauty and peace. 

Hence the more you give place to negative thoughts like wishing to be at somewhere else, the more the chances of getting out of there becomes smaller.As you continue to think this way, you keep on ruining your day.

Try to understand that your presence at the place where you’re is for some reason and for some purpose. So instead of ruining your day by giving place to negative thoughts find out the purpose of your presence at there because you’re exactly in the place where you’re supposed to be.

2. You compare your life with others
This is one of the big mistakes that we people do and remain unhappy in the life. Focusing others’ life without seeing the beauty of your own life ruins your day and even life.

Remember every person is born with different fate, in different environment and has different life style. But the basic principles of governing life are the same.Just like you, they also have their own problems.

Try to be grateful for what you have and focus on yourself and enhance the skills that you already have. Do more of the things that make you happy.

3. You dwell on the things that went wrong or could go wrong
“Hope for the best” is a very good saying to be successful. While thinking about the things that could go wrong will simply ruin your day. It’s obvious that you can’t control all the circumstances in your life, hence try to be positive.

Focus on the things that could go right. However, it’s not possible to think one sided to remember things that went right. Have faith that good things can happen again. Have vision and consider the end result that you want and feel it as if it’s already happening.

4. You complain and blame others
A man’s real failure is when he blames others for the things that went wrong or didn’t go in his favor.Resultantly he keeps complaining like complaining about weather or traffic etc.
You think all your problems are created by other people that simply ruin your day and happiness.

You are responsible for your own actions, take responsibility thereof and get your power back to change your situation.
Obviously you can’t control everything in your life you have to manage all this prudently. Remember every successful person also has the same problems.

5. You feel sad for lacking the things you see in others
Getting sad for lacking something that other people have is another big mistake that also ruins your day. Like your neighbor bought a new car but you couldn’t.

If this is the case with you, it’s mean you’ve a scarce mentality. You let such negative thoughts in your mind resultantly you remain frustrated. 
Hence think positive, be grateful on what you have and try to be happy on others’ success.

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