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April 13, 2018


Whether it’s professional field or student life if you get fail in something it’s obvious to have feeling of pain or worthlessness for some days and then you feel better gradually thereafter. However, if your feeling of being worthless is long lasting and getting worse then you’ve to take it seriously, because it might be an indication of inferiority complex. 
Inferiority complex is something that fends you off from realizing your true worth. Resultantly you feel yourself worthless person. 

Identifying the symptoms of an inferiority complex is the first step in overcoming it. Here are some of them and the ways to face them.

1. Having feelings of worthlessness
Comparing yourself with others is one of our biggest mistakes that we people do and resultantly we feel our self-worthless. When you keep comparing yourself with others, the thought that everyone else is better than you emerges and gradually takes place in your mind. 

2. Being overly sensitive to criticisms
Your reaction on criticism is instant resultantly your cooperative colleagues may also doubt your abilities.Because of criticisms you feel yourself helpless and don’t say anything in your defense. 

3. Preconceiving that people don’t like you
Here your imagination works negatively. Even if you don’t know what other people think about you, you have already imagined that they don’t like you. Further, before even meeting people you preconceive that people will don’t like you or don’t acknowledge your abilities. 

4. You are submissive
You don’t have confidence in you, you don’t acknowledge your abilities hence you feel that you’re not good enough to take stand for yourself or say anything in your favor. You’re submissive to the whims of others to the point of being abused by them.

5. You are a perfectionist
You try to do everything perfect, and in doing so you put maximum of your efforts and your precious time as well, but when you couldn’t do perfectly, you take it as your failure. 

How to Overcome Inferiority Complex:

1. Get inspiration from others 
Everyone around us is a normal human being having good and bad times, sharing same traits as you and having pains and soft spots. Read successful and great people, you’ll findins and outs of their lives and you will find yourself more than what you think you are. 

2. Use criticism to your best advantage
Criticism may be negative as well as positive, if you’ll take it optimistically for improving yourself one day you’ll thank to your critiques for improving you. So don’t take it negatively learn from everything around you and don’t put yourself down. 

bWhatever your abilities are, the important thing is you are what you are. Be the self what you want to be and build self confidence in yourself therefore. 

If you acknowledge yourself then others will get the reason to accept yourself too. So adopt the way of your thinking and acting in a manner that help you to build your confidence.

4. Develop your own voice
God created you as a human being not a doormat for other people to step on. Find your inner strength and work on it till you get the ability to take stand and defend for yourself.

5. Practice self-help therapy
Consulting professionals in this regard is no doubt a solution for your problem but self-therapy also works here equally well.Therefore, you’ve to be determined enough to get the best results. You can heal yourself by journaling, having self-discipline, self-monitoring, and being honest with yourself.

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