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April 16, 2018


After ten years, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has decided to change its logo which is quite different from the old one. PIA will replace the old logo on the exterior of the aircraft (tail of the plane), which will be a vector painting of the Markhor (Ibex). This is the national animal of Pakistan that a wild goat which lives in mountainous regions of Pakistan.

Moreover, an image of Pakistani flag will be displayed on the cockpit door, and both in English and Urdu PIA will be written.

In order to announce this fresh change, an inauguration ceremony was held in PIA Islamabad building. Prime Minister’s Advisor on Aviation Sardar Mehtab Ahmed Khan was the chief guest on the occasion. Secretary Aviation Division Irfan Elahi, PIA Chief Operating Officer Zia Qadir, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Musharraf Rasool Cyan and other aviation officials also attended this occasion.

Musharraf Rasool Cyan gave a briefing to the PIA officials present in the event and expressed that the reason why Markhor was chosen to be displayed on the exterior of the plane was to draw attention to the conservation of country’s national animal. Moreover, he said that over all the PIA is being given a new look and is under more corporate upgrading.  He further said that all the people at PIA are very well coping with the internal and external challenges so to take the national airlines to the new heights.

Chief guest, Sardar Mehtab Ahmed Khan, congratulated the PIA management for introducing the PIA new corporate look. According to him, rebranding of PIA logo shows that efforts were being made to bring the national airlines at par with world’s best airlines.

Markhor is unique and keeps on moving in difficult times, similarly PIA will also continue its upward journey despite challenges, he added.

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