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May 3, 2019


Pakistan is amongst the most populated countries in the world. According to the latest population census, Pakistan’s population is now standing well above 200 million (60% more than that of 1998).

Unprecedented growth is one of the most serious challenges faced by Pakistan today. This unchecked increase in population is a big hurdle and a threat to our government’s plan to make Pakistan a self-sufficient country.

Since the day of inception, Pakistan’s provinces other than Punjab have been complaining against not receiving their fair share of budget and resources. They claim that the country’s politics is being dominated by Punjab. The reason behind Pakistan’s lack of preparations for rising challenges is the lack of determined policy efforts to expand Pakistan’s economy domestically by investing in agriculture and industry.

This lack of acknowledgement for the need of economic growth is the primary reason behind ill effects of population growth like poverty, unemployment, health crisis, terrorism, and strain on resources. Due to this unplanned population growth, the land that was supposed to be used for agriculture and forestation is now being used to accommodate people as villages and towns. If this trend continues on, we will soon become a food scarce country and face famines and droughts.

A dramatic change has been recorded in country’s demographics due to this rise in population. The major cities are taking the brunt of overload as a recorded 20% of the total population lives in only 10 major cities; doubling their population in only fifteen years.

Even if government implements laws and measures to control population growth now, Pakistan’s population is not expected to be stabilized for at least 3 decades. After next 4 decades, Pakistan will be housing 400 million population causing an internal blow on country’s economy and resources when a large number of uneducated population especially youth will become a cause of violence and civil wars.

To be able to accommodate a large youth population and other age groups is going to be a major challenge for our government.

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