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July 9, 2019


Like in many other countries, in Pakistan, our youth is struggling to get opportunities, services, and education to utilize and hone their full potential. Youth forms a large portion of population with 64% of total population being under 30years of age and 29% belonging to the age bracket of 15-29years.

Lack of investment and ignorance towards the needs and necessities of youth; results in mental disruptions, depression, social anxiety, high suicide rate, and ill health. It also affects our country’s economy as a result. We are ruining our current young generation, hence failing to provide our next generation with good parentage and leadership.

In any country, its youth guarantees its success and a secure strong future. But our youth has become a victim of frustration and depression due to the lack of opportunities. Our youth lacks education, jobs, awareness, health facilities, and healthy entertainment and physical activities. We need to provide these basic rights of youth before it’s too late. The fact that youth holds the key of any country’s future in their hands should always be kept in mind.

We need to put effort in providing our youth with right education, following recent trends and shed our centuries old syllabi. We need to educate them in knowledge application and not just theory. We need to provide them with career counseling according to their individual personalities in order to utilize their potential to its best.

Though many programs have been initiated for youth by previous governments, none of them has seen fruition. Our youth has lost its identity and will. We need to help them find their identities once again. We need to work towards helping them regain their confidence in themselves. They have potential – we just have to provide opportunities for them to utilize their skills.

- We need to work towards a better Pakistan –


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