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Many of us find ourselves in constant struggle to reach a point in life where we can have a sense of achievement; a realization that we did something meaningful. But many times in our struggle (to do so) we lose hope and start afresh. But still don’t manage to get on the right track to success.  Reason is, we wish a lot and plan not enough to attain what we wished for. Unclear path towards achieving something brings along many hurdles; it slows you down and the things you could get in short time, you put your precious years in achieving it. 

You might be facing these problems;

If you are facing any of these then begin with a self reassessment and make your time spent well for a better life you dream of. Because the people who are serious with their life, they develop a personal life plan for a greater noticeable life and their career achievements. Jibran, as a highly passionate strategic life planning coach, helps numerous people through his consecutive One-on-One interactive and self-discovery sessions to set direction of individuals so that they can become real success stories. 

The weekly session wise exciting process of Strategic Life Planning which leads you towards excellence under the direct professional guidance of Jibran is following;