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With the changing business scenarios every organization needs Leaders to run the organizations successfully; today and in future. Business Owners need their right hands that can act as leaders in the organization while becoming their growth partners. For a fact; today the organizations require Leaders instead of rankers or typically promoted managers. In order to shape up the regular managers as great leaders, their development is vital, so that these leaders get able to balance the much demanding job roles outside of work and have clarity around development goals that is imperative for success of organizations as well as individuals. 

For this Jibran Bashir has designed Leadership Development Program (LDP) based on his bestselling book “Chief Leadership Officer” which he regularly conducts for the corporate managers. Through his Leadership Development Program, Jibran maximizes the leadership potential of his audiences to make them successful at every stage of their professional journey. 

Jibran’s Leadership Development Programs covers following sessions;

This program is for; CEOs, Senior to Mid-Level Corporate Managers; who work up, down and across the organization in different roles.

This LDP can be arranged for organizations in shape of a one whole day workshop, or can also be conducted by distributing module contents in multiple sessions of 2-3 hours duration.

Leadership Development Program will make you able to: