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Many of us find ourselves in constant struggle to reach a point in life where we can have a sense of achievement; a realization that we did something meaningful. But many times in our struggle (to do so) we lose hope and start afresh. But still don’t manage to get on the right track to success.  Reason is, we wish a lot and plan not enough to attain what we wished for. Unclear path towards achieving something brings along many hurdles; it slows you down and the things you could get in short time, you put your precious years in achieving it. 

You might be facing these problems;

If you are facing any of these then begin with a self reassessment and make your time spent well for a better life you dream of. Because the people who are serious with their life, they develop a personal life plan for a greater noticeable life and their career achievements. Jibran, as a highly passionate strategic life planning coach, helps numerous people through his consecutive One-on-One interactive and self-discovery sessions to set direction of individuals so that they can become real success stories. 

The weekly session wise exciting process of Strategic Life Planning which leads you towards excellence under the direct professional guidance of Jibran is following;


Tiger Woods, Lionel Messi, Roger Federer, and all the top position holding sportsmen have coaches. But do only the sportsmen need coaching? No. Even President Barack Obama had a (speech) coach. So if elite athletes, top public profilers and multi-billionaire organizations think they need coaches, shouldn’t you have one too? Shouldn’t we all?

One would question, why do they need coaches? They are already at the top and earning top revenues. The overarching goal of coaching, in any field, is to help you be the very best version of yourself as a business leader, executive, and whole person. Jibran Bashir’s Executive Coaching is a blend of therapy/analysis, board discussion, and cross-training.

Jibran is one of the most trusted advisors to the entrepreneurs, CEOs and business directors of top notch companies of Pakistan. These organizations’ leaders approached him to learn the various business aspects in times of shifting modern business trends. He does it remarkably by providing the relevant insights, tools and systems that uplift the business value and enhance the top executives’ understanding in today’s complex business environment.  

So if you feel there is still a room for improvement to perform better at your own workplace, the Executive Coaching is the genuine solution. The content of this program is made real through concrete examples and deliberate practices. Over this Program, links are drawn across business areas—Leadership, Business Decisions, and Business Management, therefore you can relate the concepts for better business understanding and for procedural execution at corporate level.


With the rapidly changing business scenarios – Now it’s a high time to let an executive coach enter for your business success..!!

The attendees can get the program tailored as per their requirements.  At the end of this program the attendees will be issued a certificate signed by Jibran Bashir, issued by Highly Keen – The Management Institute.


With the changing business scenarios every organization needs Leaders to run the organizations successfully; today and in future. Business Owners need their right hands that can act as leaders in the organization while becoming their growth partners. For a fact; today the organizations require Leaders instead of rankers or typically promoted managers. In order to shape up the regular managers as great leaders, their development is vital, so that these leaders get able to balance the much demanding job roles outside of work and have clarity around development goals that is imperative for success of organizations as well as individuals. 

For this Jibran Bashir has designed Leadership Development Program (LDP) based on his bestselling book “Chief Leadership Officer” which he regularly conducts for the corporate managers. Through his Leadership Development Program, Jibran maximizes the leadership potential of his audiences to make them successful at every stage of their professional journey. 

Jibran’s Leadership Development Programs covers following sessions;

This program is for; CEOs, Senior to Mid-Level Corporate Managers; who work up, down and across the organization in different roles.

This LDP can be arranged for organizations in shape of a one whole day workshop, or can also be conducted by distributing module contents in multiple sessions of 2-3 hours duration.

Leadership Development Program will make you able to:


Jibran Bashir is a thought-provoking, interactive, yet entertaining motivational speaker. His Power Talks cover the sphere of Purpose, Passion and Positivity. He inspires his audience to “to do something BIG in life” nothing more nothing less.

Jibran tailors his message for each audience, so his presentations are a one-of-a-kind combination of purpose, motivation, high spirit, entertainment and practical, customized inspiration. Whether his audience is Corporate sector professionals or Universities/Colleges’ students; his motivational talk instills a strength to ensure a path to success and happiness. Jibran will leave your audience motivated, entertained and asking for more.

Jibran as a Motivational Speaker for his renowned signature talks;

Want to fire up your teams or students? Jibran is your resource who can engage, empower, inspire and motivate your people.

Jibran’s high-octane blend of energy, knowledge, passion and humor inspires organizations and individuals to adopt his talks and define their new standard of excellence.

Audience members of all ages and backgrounds walk away from his talks with a renewed sense of hope for the future and a determination to maximize their potential in work and life. 

Do you have the edge, or what it takes to stay sharp and focused? At Jibran’s Power Talks the 60 Power Packed Minutes can change your life. They can empower you with the focus, insight and accountability you need to achieve the consistent results you demand. 


This workshop is a highly interactive signature program based on the bestselling book “Chief Leadership Officer” by dynamic corporate trainer and author Jibran Bashir. The event is for all those leaders, who are committed to perform in their organizations as role models. This workshop will prepare the participants on various leadership roles so that they can act and get recognized as Chief Leadership Officers in their organizations.

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